OrderNow v1.4 – PHP响应式订单系统

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使用 PHP Order Form 可以快速建立PHP 订单表单,可以自定义字段,与Paypal集成,邮件发送订单等等功能。管理者可以快速掌握并应用到实践中去。
Responsive design layout
PHP order form with MySql database
Multitab features
Cross-browser platform
Contents are organized in a user-friendly format
Admin can manage all contents and order management
Mail Templates are available in admin side
Cart updation and order summary listing based on each selection
Price added based on each add-on selection
Discount Coupon Implementation
SMTP Mail settings
PHP Installation wizard
Automatic installation of demo data
Order Revision before submission
Order summary mailing
Paypal Payment Option

OrderNow v1.4 – PHP响应式订单系统

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