Droppy v1.3.4 – PHP在线网盘源码

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Droppy v1.3.4 – PHP在线网盘源码


Droppy is a online file sharing system that you can use to share multiple files with family members or friends. You can send the files using email or copy a link that you can share with anyone you want.
Droppy 是一款在线文件分享系统,界面非常简洁,使用起来也很方便,是文件分享存储站不错的选择。




PHP 、MYSQL 、MOD rewrite、 Cron Jobs

安装方法参考 1.3.1版本安装方法 点击直达



V 1.3.5 (14 February, 2017)
* Fixed: Vulnerabilities in the admin panel.

V 1.3.4 (28 January, 2017)
* Fixed: Included some missing stylesheets

V 1.3.3 (18 January, 2017)
* Fixed: Updated PHPMailer to prevent possible vulnerabilities.
* Fixed: The system will not be able create an upload with the same id anymore.

V 1.3.2 (28 August, 2016)
* Fixed: Issue where not destroyed files where removed from the DB.
* Fixed: Issue where message was not looking correctly on the download page.
* Fixed: Issue where file size in emails was incorrectly.
* Improved: Admin panel security
* Added: Support for new plugin
* Added: Cancel upload button
* Added: You can now upload/delete backgrounds through the admin panel.

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