PlayTube For Android v1.1 – 安卓客户端源码 视频上传分享源码

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PlayTube For Android v1.1 - 安卓客户端源码 视频上传分享源码


Playtube 系统的安卓客户端源码


Register Page – Ability to register an new account.

Login Page –Ability for users to login from mobile.

Material Design – Complete Material Design, Completely customizable in every color. With subtile animations like parallax headers and fading toolbars.

Customizable – Easily make your app yours by translations and by customizing colors & using your own icons for menu items.

Admob Banners – With build in Admob, it takes only a few seconds to add banner throughout your app & show interstitial advertisements during navigation.

Language support – Easily translatable from within a single file (Multilingual system)

No internet connection screen/page – Show a beautifully designed no connection screen or define a local webpage that will load when no connection is available.

Import Videos – Import videos easily from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

Like & Dislike – User can like or dislike videos.

User Channels – View, to user channels .

Wach later – View, and add your videos to wach later list .

Playlists – View, and play playlist of videos .

Search Page – Added ability to search for videos

Handling Image – Added ability to handle image download and cache load for more performance and speed.

Walkthrough Pages – Give your application more information by viewing Walkthrough pages on first time.

Handling Image – Added ability to handle image download and cache load for more performance and speed .

Toasts & Alerts – Added ability to display alerts , Toasts , success , errors, loadings , and more.

Certificate Chains – Added Certificate Chains && Secure Protocols for High secured servers.

Royal Documentation – Instructions for first app (installing Xamarin, sdk etc). Step by step importing and customizing of the template.

Video Tutorials – Instruction video’s for setting up the SDK and Xamarin, opening the appropriate files, changing your package name and exporting your app.


Android v1.1 10/1/2018

1-IOs development 85% completed

2-Autoplay for videos automaticly

3-Load more on videos

4-Fixed few critical bugs

5-Compatible with last version of Playtube 1.3

6-Full video customization Added

7-Fixed Dark mode Theme issues


最低安卓版本为 V 4.2

Playtube v1.3 或更新版本。

文件下载 文件:PlayTube For Android v1.1 - 安卓客户端源码 视频上传分享源码 适用:Android 版本:v1.1 大小:142MB
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