DbackupeX Pro v2.6 – PHP 多数据库备份恢复系统

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DbackupeX Pro v2.6 - PHP 多数据库备份恢复系统


DbackupeX Pro是一款基于PHP MYSQL编写的多用户、多数据库备份、恢复的脚本,程序具有多语言、自动备份、分区备份、远程FTP备份等诸多功能。程序经过reishi成功测试,并添加了简体中文语言包(仅仅翻译一些短语做测试,如需使用请自行翻译。),修改为安装后自动添加简体中文选项,默认没有,更多功能还请自己安装使用。







- PHP 7.0 或更高

- MySQL 4.4 或更高

- mod_rewrite Apache

- GD 扩展

- MYSQLi 扩展

- CURL 扩展

- Openssl

- EXEC 函数开启


✔ Manage, Restore and Create Backups of All your MySQL Databases from one place

✔ Multi Database Restore or Backup creation

✔ Auto Backups – You can choose the backups interval (Every 10mnts, every Hour etc…)

✔ Parcial Backup (Just backup the tables you need)

✔ Parcial Restore (Just restore the tables you need, even using a Full database dump file)

✔ Remote and Local Databases compatible

✔ Multi FTP Accounts where the Backups can be automatically sent

✔ FTP SSL Connection supported

✔ Remote add folders on your FTP Account to better sort your backups

✔ 1 click send the Backup you choose to the FTP that you want

✔ 1 click Quick Restore or Create a backup

✔ 1 Click Purge or Download Backup

✔ Max. number of Local Backups to keep (Oldest Backups are automatically deleted)

✔ Max. number of FTP Backups to keep (Oldest Backups are automatically deleted)

✔ Ajax Drag & Drop Mysql Dump Upload

✔ Email notification if Auto Backup fails

✔ Cronjob Link generator (If your Hosting have no rights to access the crontab for auto backups)

✔ Secure Database and FTP Credentials AES-256-CBC OpenSSL encrypted (AES is based on a algorithm that has been unbroken till now and has been recommended by NSA and used in US Government data encryption.)

✔ Secure Register & Login with Tokens

✔ Multi-Language

✔ To-Do Tasks magement

✔ Skins colors for Backend

✔ Email Template

✔ Optional Recaptcha for Login

✔ User Managment

✔ Drag & Drop Avatar, Website Logo and Favicon Upload

✔ Users Statistics

✔ Database and FTP Statistics

✔ Statistics of the space used by Local Backups on the server

✔ Ban Users

✔ ADD new Users from Backend

✔ Set Password min. length

✔ Set Login Life Time

✔ User Password recovery

✔ Drag & Drop To-Do magement for Administrators

✔ E-mails with templates and placeholders

✔ Ajax Pagination

✔ Website SSL support

✔ SQL injection, XSS, CSRF protection

✔ Full Ajax interface

✔ 100% Translatable with Po Edit

✔ Automated installation wizard








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