Digital Downloads Pro v4.00 – 数字内容下载专业版

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DDP可以让你快速建立一个在线数字内容下载的网站,在这个网站你可以销售电子书、授权、脚本等数字内容,集成贝宝、MoneyBookers 和 AlertPay 支付模块,具有支持多语言、模板分离、无限分类、无限产品数量、文件管理、促销码管理、FAQ管理、菜单管理、内容页面等强大功能。


Digital Downloads Pro v4.00 - 数字内容下载专业版 Digital Downloads Pro v4.00 - 数字内容下载专业版 Digital Downloads Pro v4.00 - 数字内容下载专业版 Digital Downloads Pro v4.00 - 数字内容下载专业版

官方演示前台 / 用户名:demo 密码:password

官方演示后台 / 用户名:admin 密码:password


 Operating System: Linux, Unix, or Windows

 Web Server: Apache

 ScripƟng Language: PHP 7.0 or above

 Apache mod_rewrite

 Multibyte string

 INTL extension

 PHP GD library

 Database: MySQL 5.5 or above (PDO driver enabled)


Bug Fix/Addon 20. Feb. 2018. (v.4.00)

Unzip everything from zipped patch file into your existing DDP directory.

Added manual transaction page

Fixed scrolling large number of files in compare/wishlist view

All known bugs squashed

Bug Fix 27. Dec. 2017. (v.4.00)

Unzip everything except .htaccess into your existing DDP directory.

Fixed file directory path

Ability do delete product

Free downloads modal being blank

Other minor bugs, and code optimization

Update 23. Nov. 2017. (v.4.00)

Prior to this update follow install instructions.

Complete rewrite new framework

New Front end and admin panel design

Membership access

Multiple files per product

4 type of products (Standard, membership, CD Keys and affiliate)

New assignable admin user permissions (Owner, staff and editor)

Secure passwords (hashed)

Custom product/user fields (ability to sell, audio, video, ebooks, apps, software etc…)

New gateway Ideal

New membership history page

Detailed sales statistics, per product/user/membership

Many more…


参考 DDP 4.0 Install.pdf 文件。

文件下载 文件:Digital Downloads Pro v4.00 - 数字内容下载专业版 适用:php+mysql 版本:v4.00 大小:10.8 MB
下载地址 查看演示


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