Appnitro MachForm 7 – PHP在线表单生成程序

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Appnitro MachForm 7 - PHP在线表单生成程序


PHP version 5.3.0 or newer

MySQL database version 4.1.0 or newer








1. 备份、将程序文件和数据库都备份。

2. 上传、将新版文件和文件夹都上传,除了 data 文件夹和 config.php 文件不要上传。

3. 更新、打开 http://www.yourdomain/machform/upgrade.php 进行更新。


Feature: Media Fields (Add Image/Video)

Feature: Support for “Approval Status” condition for webhook logic.

Feature: Added “Form is submitted” condition for email and webhook logic.

Improvement: Support negative pricing for PayPal Standard

Improvement: When ‘UK’ is selected as default country on address field, the state & zip label are adjusted to county & postcode

Improvement: Added ‘Send Customer Email to’ to support email field requirement when using European payment processor

Improvement: Added INR currency to payment settings page for check/cash option

Improvement: Resume link is now clickable

Improvement: Default CHMOD changed to 755 for increased security

Improvement: Added new custom CSS class ‘hide_cents’ to hide cents from Price field

Update: Removed support for reCAPTCHA v1 (Deprecated by Google)

Bugfix: Changing the file type limit to ‘allow’ and then turn off the file type limitation setting will block any upload

Bugfix: Matrix fields hidden due to logic shouldn’t be displayed within email

Bugfix: Price field incorrectly populate ‘0’ as default value

Bugfix: Removed entry number from the generated PDF on email

Bugfix: Distorted form logo on mobile devices

Bugfix: Duplicate emails being sent when skip-page logic to success page being used and delay notification until paid is set to off

Bugfix: The ‘save and resume’ button is not being checked against accidental double submissions. Same bug as on 4.7 resurfaced, since v5.0

Bugfix: Default values on the last page of the form won’t be displayed after the first form submission

Bugfix: In some cases, editing entry on a form with payment enabled will generate error ‘Subquery returns more than 1 row’


文件下载 文件:Appnitro MachForm 7 - PHP在线表单生成程序 适用:php+mysql 版本:v7.0 大小:8.3MB
下载地址 查看演示


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