Droppy 高级功能订阅插件 – Droppy 文件分享程序插件免费下载

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Droppy Premium Subscription 可以实现高级订阅功能,用户可以通过付费选择更多的收费计划,获取更多的存储空间,以及享受无广告服务, 该插件将在每个结算周期向用户收费(您可以设置自己的价格,结算周期等),并检查付款是否成功。 用户可以轻松取消订阅。

Droppy 高级功能订阅插件 - Droppy 文件分享程序插件免费下载


Droppy – Online file sharing (V 1.4.0+)

Paypal business account

Web server


Set premium file upload size

Set premium password function

Set premium file storage time

Set premium advertisement disabled/enabled

Custom email notifications

Checks for subscription cancelation / reverse payment

Coupon codes

Fully translatable

Sandbox option (For testing)

Installed within minutes

Fast support

Free updates


V 1.1.0

* Fixed: Issue where registration form wasn't responsive

* Fixed: Logout button will now be hidden when the user isn't logged in

* Fixed: Path to cron job on the system page.

* Added: Support for Droppy V 1.4.0


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