Adminor v1.0 – 整洁时尚的H5响应式管理模板 Bootstrap4 后台主题

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Adminor v1.0 - 整洁时尚的H5响应式管理模板 Bootstrap4 后台主题

Adminor 是一款整洁/时尚/响应式的 HTML5管理员模板,基于 Bootstrap4 设计。多元素、多用途的管理后台模板。很容易更改代码并快速二次开发设计。它有许多漂亮的 UI元素、小部件和更多功能。这是 Next仪表板或管理 Web应用程序项目的理想模板。此模板包含 2000+ HTML页面。

Adminor – Clean & Modern Responsive Bootstrap4 admin dashboard HTML5 Template. Most of the elements are used for multipurpose admin panel usages. Very easy to change the code and redesign it quickly. It has lots of beautiful UI elements, widgets and more features included. This is the ideal template for your next dashboard or admin web app project. While you customize this beautiful Template you will feel very happily. This Template Includes 2000+ HTML Pages .


模板特性:Bootstrap 4 Responsive Framework ;5 Dash Board Variations;40+ Plugins;2000+ HTML Pages;24 * 7 Professional Company Support;More Maps;Editable Text ;Message Chat;Easy to customize;Well Commented Code;Regular Updates;Pricing Tables;Time Line;More Charts ;More Widgets;Invoice Page;Calendar;Media Object;Very Easy to Create your Own Site;Neat, clean and simple design;Image Gallery ;W3C Validated。

模板包含:All HTML files;CSS Files;JS Files。


文件下载 文件:Adminor v1.0 - 整洁时尚的H5响应式管理模板 Bootstrap4 后台主题 适用:HTML+CSS+JS 版本:v1.0 大小:18.6MB
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