Soundkit v2.4.2 PHP音乐社交分享平台

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Soundkit v2.4.2 PHP音乐社交分享平台

Soundkit 是一个类似于 MixCloud、SoundCloud 的社交音乐共享平台,允许用户在线上传音乐并与世界分享。之前的名字叫做 MusicEngine


Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite)

PHP 5.5+ (MySQLi, OpenSSL, cURL, GD, mbstring)

MySQL 5+


  1. 建立数据库;
  2. 编辑 config.php 的第6-9行,设置数据库;
  3. 将 MYSQL\MusicEngine.sql 导入到数据库中;
  4. 使用 adminuser 和密码 123456 进行后台登录。


Version 2.4.2

ADDED Condition to music embed player to prevent playing next tracks

ADDED number of track views in the charts

ADDED ability to add less amount for adverts plugin

ADDED ability for ads owner to see their ads for adert modulev

Prevent creating of ads when wallet is low

FIXED little problem in user roles

Version 2.4.1

ADDED ability to edit genre

ADDED user role feature for admins

ADDED option to delete radio

FIXED music player on the home page

FIXED missing files in the last update

FIXED albums rearrangement of tracks

FIXED artist profile website information

FIXED ads issue in which wallet not been deducted


Soundkit v2.4.2 PHP音乐社交分享平台

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