PHP Live Support Chat – PHP在线支持聊天系统

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PHP Live Support Chat - PHP在线支持聊天系统

在线支持聊天系统. 基于 PHP & MySQL . 可用于任意类型网站.

支持任何网站 – 静态, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart (any website with PHP & MySQL back-end)!


Easy installation
Compatible even with IE8!
Works with any PHP 5 & MySQL website
Contact form fallback
Mobile support (responsive guest widget)
Desktop Notifications
Multiple operators and guests chatting
Clean and modern look
High quality set of avatar images
Chat box with high quality emoticons set
Initial „welcome” message after guest logs in
Operator knows which page the guest is currently visiting!
Message views auto-updating their relative delivery time
Sound notifications (10 predefined sounds to choose from)
Conversations history with filtering
Widget colors and texts/language customization
Unlimited usage — no monthly fees


PHP 5 (with PDO support),
MySQL 5.

PHP Live Support Chat - PHP在线支持聊天系统

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